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Howard Hughes supplied the CIA with a cover organization to hide anything they posses or do. When Hughes’ right-hand man John Meier  opted out of the organization he became an impediment to its continued existence.

The CIA was running the Hughes empire while American politics was being defined by the struggle between the Richard Nixon party and the Kennedy machine, with the Hughes empire serving as the support in what amounted to a secret war for the country’s soul.

In a desperate effort by this consortium of wealth and power to conceal the mysterious connections between the CIA, The White House and the Hughes Organization, Meier became an expendable commodity, being put through a Kafkaesque ordeal including everything from being framed on trumped-up murder charges to fleeing for his life with the help of British Intelligence.

CIA Spooks, mobsters, politicians, and foreign intelligence agencies come together in the spy-thriller feature film and television series MEIERGATE which tells the real story of power in the United States, and how senators, congressmen and even presidents can compromise and barter the basic interests of U.S. citizens to further the achievements of those inside the world’s most secret cover organization, while giving the audience insight into the world of a real life “Jason Bourne” as they experience a real Bourne Identity tale.

Never before has a tale of such intrigue, suspense, and espionage been told that was not a work of fiction – until now.





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