China's Mysterious Heart Documentary Poster


6-Part Television Documentary Miniseries

Home to 1.3 billion people … the world’s biggest army … and the 2nd largest economy … what happens in China quickly effects every other country on Earth.  It’s more important than ever to understand this global superpower.


And the only way to truly understand China is to know how it began … the birth of the people’s beliefs, mindset, and culture. How did groups of nomads become the founders of one of history’s greatest civilizations, and what characteristics do modern Chinese still share with them? Why did China’s roots take hold on a barren plateau, and what role is the region now playing in the debate over climate change? What do ancient sorcerers have to do with modern Chinese medicine? Where did the intricate characters of the written language come from, and how do they influence the way people communicate today? Who laid the groundwork for the beliefs made famous by Confucius, and how do those beliefs shape modern Chinese society?  How did the culture’s distinctive fashion, music, and architecture begin?


China’s Mysterious Heart combines high-end cinematic re-enactments filmed entirely in China, beautiful footage, and extensive CGI in an epic 6-part television miniseries of compelling human and natural history stories which will decode China’s past, present and future, and allow people across the world to appreciate Chinese culture and understand the Chinese mindset.



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