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A life more exciting and bizarre then Howard Hughes” – Las Vegas Sun

 In international political terms, a MAGIC BOX is a “cover” organization used by a nation’s spy apparatus. A MAGIC BOX allows its inhabitants to hide anything they possess or do, regardless of the importance of what is being done or hidden.  The Hughes Organization supplied the CIA with a very special MAGIC BOX.  It is from within this MAGIC BOX that the CIA and its corporate and political friends operate.  When John Meier opted out of the MAGIC BOX, he became an impediment to its continued existence.

MAGIC BOX will be a feature film documentary that will tell the riveting story of former U.S. Senate Candidate John H. Meier and will uncover the secrets of the MAGIC BOX, which Meier entered on behalf of the wealthiest man in the world Howard Hughes, and will give our audience insight into the world of a real life “Jason Bourne” as they experience a real Bourne Identity tale; only this is no work of fiction.

Meier has appeared in over a thousand newspaper and magazine articles as well as books, radio and television interviews. The White House viewed John Meier as the #2 man in the Hughes Organization, and he is the last person alive who intimately knew Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon, and Robert Kennedy. The book Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes, was written about him.

Clearly, Hughes and the CIA were more important than a mere President (Nixon). They were the MAGIC BOX in which the country’s most sensitive secrets were kept.  It had almost come open and those in charge of its security were determined not to let it happen again.  The MAGIC BOX had to be closed once and for all and whoever wasn’t inside — God help him.

-Playboy Magazine

This documentary will reveal many secrets and provide the missing pieces of an enormous puzzle created by the highest levels of American government, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and Howard Hughes, and the extremely high personal and political price John Meier paid through his nightmare journey.

The story of the individual versus the government has inspired many articles and editorials. It’s a story that when cracked open, creates headlines. When the government puts you on its hit list, your life is no longer your own. You are a small pawn in the government’s game and you must be silenced at all cost. What makes John Meier’s story timely is that corruption continues to exist on all levels of government and government organizations. And within a world of continuing corruption, John Meier’s life journey is a story of the extraordinary strength and courage of an individual who fervently believed in doing “the right thing”, against powerful odds.

The MAGIC BOX will be based on private documents, secret files and dozens of new interviews with individuals never made public.




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